Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Five Months

Dear Andrew,

Today you are 5 months old!  It is amazing how fast you have grown and how much you have changed since you were born.  Today we visited a friend and her new baby and it reminded me of how small you were when you were born and how much bigger you are now.  Some of your favorite things right now are:

1.  Anything that involves moving.  You move nonstop all the time.  You don't like to stay still, and the moment we lay you down you are twisting and moving all parts of your body.  Everyone comments on how active you are.
2.  Sophie.  She is your favorite toy-especially since you are teething and you love chewing on her nose, ears, and feet.  When you are in your carseat or stroller you hold on to her and don't let go for the entire ride.
3.  Your feet.  Just the other day you grabbed your foot and started chewing on your toes.  If you aren't chewing or grabbing your feet you are usually kicking them.
4.  Mommy and Daddy.  You get very upset if you can't see us and save your biggest smiles for us.
5.  All the noises and sounds you can make now.  Every day you are learning how to make new sounds and you practice them over and over for a couple of days until you learn a new sound.  Right now you really like making the "p" sound and blowing spit bubbles.
6.  Music.  You LOVE music.  It is your favorite thing and you listen carefully whenever you hear it.

You've been practicing sitting up on your own and sometimes if Mommy and Daddy aren't paying close attention you end up toppling over and falling on your face.  The first time it happened it scared you and you cried a little, but now you are a pro and it doesn't even phase you.  You love to "stand" up and don't ever want to lay down anymore.  You can really use your fingers well now, and are pretty good at grabbing on to mouths, noses, ears, hair, necks, chins, or whatever else you can get your hands on when people are holding you.

You are learning so much so quickly it's hard to remember everything that you are doing.  Mommy and Daddy are amazed at how much you change from day to day and all of the new things you can do.  We love you little guy and can't wait to see what you will start doing in this next month!

The pictures are blurry-but when you have a baby that doesn't ever stop moving it's tough to get a good shot!


  1. So am I to believe that since there are no new posts here that nothing new is happening? Your facebook posts say otherwise;)

    1. I know....I've been awful about updating anything. It's been a busy few months. :P At least there is a few new posts now!